Monday, October 8, 2012

Knitting Hat of Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura - Air Gear

It is the first time I made a hat with adult size, my customer request of Kazu, an anime character. I don't know he just a fan of Kazu or he is a cosplayer. but this is kind of a challenge for me because usually I knit baby hats. I'm kind of perfectionist.. :P so 

The first challenge was to learn the character. I never watch or read that anime, even I like anime as well. so before I accept the request, I need to learn this character from reading wikipedia, watching the video from youtube and collecting some pictures from uncle google.

The second one is how to make the some line pattern in the bottom part of this hat, so I try to use jersey knitting technique. After fail about 10 times trials, finally the result is smooth. I use  knitting stick US6.

The third challenge is to choose the right yarn, since the shape must be same as the picture, I choose acrylic wool yarn, white color. To be honest, at the time is difficult to find white yarn (i don't know why) I only have 2 rolls yarn, I thought its not enough but miracle happens! at that time I found another one roll yarn at cotton yarn storage (usually I split up the yarn base on the material, box of acrylic yarns, cotton, etc). huff finally!

and the last challenge, after finish knitting it, Would  that hat will really good when my customer wear it as Kazu wear it? so I asked my husband to try it first and I love it!

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