Friday, September 7, 2012

New Plants @My Home sweet Home

Last Saturday my husband bought some new plants for me, I would really love to take care of its.
the 1st one is Bougainvillea Flower (bugenvil). We saw this flower at throughout road side, and they are really beautiful. We thought it would be nice if we have it too in our garden. So last week we went to plants market and just knew that one plant of bougenville's tree can have some colors flowers. So we choose this one, a bougenville tree with three flowers colors, pink, orange and violet. 

and the other one is Ketapang's Tree or Terminalia catappa. Actually we didn't plan to buy it but my husband likes  with the branch shape. Terminalia catappa is an original south east asia's plant, its providing shade, suitable for our tropic condition. Our tree is still about 3/4 meters, but it will getting higher and higher. I will put a mark on the stem every year and it will give us precious memory.

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