Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sesame Balls Dimsum "Onde Onde"

For a long time I want to make this Dimsum Sesame Balls. I'm in love with this snack @ Chinese Restaurant.  They usually served after we eat dumplings (dimsum). I dont know where this snack came from whether from China or Indonesia, because I also knew it as "Onde-onde", we're Indonesian people can find this snack at Indonesian traditional market. But I think "Chinese Sesame Balls" are more soft than "Onde-onde". 
So I preferred to make Chinesse sesame Balls then.

ok, This is the recipe and of course... the secret tips how to make it soft when we eat it!

Paste Recipes:
250 gram Red Bean
(you can use greenpeal), I use fresh red bean so it will take 10 minutes to be cooked
4 spoons of Sugar
500 ml water

Poach the red bean with 500 ml water within 10 minutes, drain the water into a cup. Let the red beans temperature go down 5 minutes. Smash it and mix it with sugar until all mixed and the textural are soft, I used blender. if not soft yet, you can add 1/4 cup water into your blender. After that cook the red bean in non-stick pan until the water evaporated and it become jam. cold it within 30 minutes while you can prepare the skin.

Skin Recipe:
(A) 250 Gram Glutinous rice Flour (it's not rice flour)
(B) 2 spoons of 1 spoon Sago (Palm) Flour plus 100 ml water
a cup of Hot Water (100 deg C)
Half teaspoon of salt
a cup of Cold water (20 deg C)
100 gram sesame seeds (put it on the plate)

mix flour A, B and salt, then enter the hot water slowly, stirring rate until you feel that flour dough can be formed. prepare dry glutinous rice flour in your hands to form a skin.
Take a handful of dough, tap-tap, round shapes and flatten, then give the content of the red bean paste about 1 teaspoon, and then formed into a ball. dip it in cold water briefly and then enter into a plate of sesame seeds and make sure the sesame seeds have stuck to the entire surface of the ball.

how to fry?

Use non-stick frying pan, prepare the oil (minimum of approximately up to 3/4 submerged parts of sesame balls)
heat oil about 2-3 minutes (medium temperature, not too cold or too hot)
input sesame balls and round it slowly and evenly. keep heat of the friying pan until the sesame balls a little grown up (but dont let it crack) and become golden. 8 pcs of the sesame balls is ready ^ ^
If you do it right, then when you eat the sesame balls that will be really soft in every bite and not too sticky. lets try it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Yard Photograph Part 1

This Morning I captured some photos of my Yards, and found some interest things.

I found "smurf house" on my coin cactus pot, they are tiny and only up a day I thought. "I didn't see any smurf anyway..maybe they're too shy.. <lol>"

And.. wow, who is there in my Melon Plant.. it looks very angry but mousy actually. hehe.. for long time I wish to take his photos but he always hide from my camera. so how lucky me can get it this morning "a beautiful lizard" :)

also..this is pandanus flower, grow up in my yards since baby and now they have flowers. I love that, its like orchid flower or butterfly isn't it?