Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frozen Characters - Cold Porcelain Clay

Frozen Characters Cold Porcelain Clay
Once you touch clay, you can't be stopped :P These frozen clay dolls I made last end year 2013 before my bazaar. They are Sven the deer, Hans, Anna, Elsa the snow queen, Kristoff and Olaf the snow doll, anyway I haven't watch this movie lol :D oh please :P

Clay "Friends Forever"

Clay Friends Forever
These clay dolls is a gift from my facebook friends to her best friend. It reminds me to my best friend, since we getting older and busy we become rarely in touch, I think I should contact her again. 
to be honest, first I'm afraid I can't make these doll because she gave me doll picture and they're really sweet, their eyes and their cloths. I planned to sew the clothes but its not possible since I must stick that hands and the heads into the body. so I decided to sew the skirts only (lucky I have that same fabrics motif & colors) and make the blouses by clay. :D yes I did it! they're cute ^.^

Clay Wedding Couples (Cake Toppers) by KuroHouseofCraft

In this early 2014 I'd received some clay orders, hm..actually I have plan to make my own wedding cake & topper for my own anniversary but seems I can't make it real because this year my "date" will be same as the date of CNY (Chinese New Year), It means me & my husband must go to visit our parents and family. It doesn't matter..I was really happy working for these wedding couple dolls 

Wedding Couples Doll (Cake Topper) by KuroHouseofCraft

The first one is  "R&S"Wedding, I can't post the photo of them but let me describe them, the bride is beautiful and the groom is handsome :D I love the way they did arranged the colors for their wedding costumes and decorations. They combine violet, purple and silver also pink rose bouquet, white small flowers ornaments that always used by mostly Indonesian traditional wedding couples. So tried to makes everything will look exactly the same just like them and put many flowers around them. 

Wedding Couples Doll (Cake Topper) by KuroHouseofCraft
and that yellow one is D & W Wedding, they are Indonesian, the bride wearing yellow Muslim dress and the groom wearing "kopyah" hat :) 

Wedding Couples Doll (Cake Topper) by KuroHouseofCraft
The third one actually I didn't see the couple picture, the bride only send me some clay models because she really want the model will look exactly the same as that model, specially for the eyes shape. So I put flower texture for her dress, changed a little bit for groom hair and her kerudung, and put some violets & white flower around them. Happy Wedding Dear. ^^