Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Travel Pillow

Today I must go to my friend house, she has cute baby boy. 
so I decided to make baby travel pillow as a sweet gift. when you travel to somewhere and your baby need small pillow, you don't need a bag, just simple way carry it like bag! 

Price: Rp. 50.000

if you want to order, please send message to +62 8211 049 2041

Monday, February 6, 2012

Headband "It's Timmy Time"

I made "shaun the sheep" headband with loop stich crochet, but it seems too small. but I keep sell it. then my customer asked me to make Timmy Headband too, I thought it was a good idea. Timmy will look cute in baby head, oh no! baby will look cute with Timmy in their head, because both of them really cute!

and here it is!

Price Rp. 35000/ piece

contact kurohouseofcraft for order: +62 8211 049 20 41