Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cameo - Alice in wonderland and Bunny

Hello Everyone, It has been more than a month I haven't post anything. I have some story about workshop but maybe in the next posting. Today I want to write about my new clay cameo jewelry. For this time I use some polimer clay from various brand like premo and fimo.

This is Alice in wonderland with the cute bunny. The Alice, I was inspired by nendoroid figures, its cute, so chibi and so anime. I love her anime eyes.
She wearing white dress and blue vest, and white apron with little black and red heart. Her hair accesories is lolita style black ribbon and white velvet headband.
This cameo is about 5 cm height, I add swarovski crystal as a heart diamond beside her. 

Cameo Jewelry Alice in Wonderland and a bunny
here you can see the details below, can you see little cute bunny? Mostly cameo I found with figures comes with a line hand but I would like to make it different so at this cameo as you can see that I made the fingers too in her hand. So It will look so real.

Cameo Jewelry Alice in Wonderland and a bunny

I love this cameo anyway and it kinda addicted so I made some other princess :) please wait my next blog. :)

Cameo Jewelry Alice in Wonderland and a bunny

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