Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Java Wedding Clay Figure by KuroHouseofCraft

This month I feel like easily tired because the weather here too sunny. While still a lot of works must to do but making this clay figures make me feel refresh again. Like when you do a thing you can imagine a lot of new creations from it :)

Let me show you my new clay figures, the java wedding clay figure (in bahasa Indonesia: Boneka pengantin jawa). Java is one of islands in Indonesia. Java has minimum 3 cultures splited by area, West Java (Sunda), Central Java and East Java. When you come to Java you can find different cultures and languages within 1 island (thanks God for Bahasa Indonesia as our national language) :D

This one I made is from Central Java. The bride (woman) hairdo has unique shape in the front, and she wearing "konde" (a hair bun) in back of her head. the bride also wearing some gold hair accessories, so I use headpin. Somehow I feel this culture is very beautiful, it is like Japanese princess or Korean princess, they have unique hairdo. It like heavy but it worth for elegance and beauty.

Java Princess Clay Figures (Indonesia) by KuroHouseofCraft

can you see the dress? I use white and translucent colors for the kebaya (wiki: a traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from Indonesia...). the different is here, the original java wedding usually wearing black kebaya with gold line but lately modern people more choose the simple one (white) than black kebaya. For wedding we use long blouse kebaya as a "tail" like western bride. the translucent clay I use is thai clay. Just roll press it as thin as possible, it will look translucent but we must do it quickly because it will dry soon. and I decoupage the batik fabric into clay as a skirt (or called sewek in java)

For the groom, they usually wearing blankon as hat. But for this one I made white hat with gold carving. It quite simply just man wearing baju koko, pants and golden sarong (fabric skirt)

Java Wedding Clay Figures by KuroHouseofCraft

and for the flowers I combine pearls, blue flowers, white roses and some light yellow-green leaves. It beautiful isn't it? :)

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  1. imut dan bagus sekali. Tapi Anda benar...akan makin lucu jika pakai blangkon atau songkok...soalnya mempelai wanitanya kan pakai konde. ^_^