Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I love Totoro (all about Totoro clay chams)

Lately I am very in love with Totoro :D Totoro is the cutest cat ever, fat and cute like me hahaha..
so I made all of this Totoro charms and bracelets from polimer clay and some from thai clay. Hope you like it :) 

I made Totoro pendant, Totoro, the cat bus, Totoro blue, and Totoro white also the kuro (black one with two big eyes) and some mushrooms, leaves and little flowers ^ ^ 

Totoro Bag Charm by KuroHouseofCraft

Totoro Bracelet by KuroHouseofCraft

Totoro Bracelet & bag charm by KuroHouseofCraft

^ ^ all of them kawai are they? ^ ^  thank you for visiting my blog. 

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