Monday, November 18, 2013

Minion Baby Hat & Booties, Dave, Lance & Jerry (Despicable Me)

After watched "Despicable Me 2" movie, I really want to make Minion Hat & Booties. I dont want just make "minion" buat I would make it as each by each personal minions characters.
and Tharaa... here Minion Dave Baby Hat, Minion Lance Booties and Minion Jerry Hat.
Minion Baby Hat (Dave) & Booties (Lance)

Dave Minion Baby Hat

Lance Minion Baby Booties

Jerry Minion Baby Hat

Ok. I would like to tell you minions as personally : D, I got these information from wiki. I like minions..they're always cheerful in every situation ^ ^o 

Dave is a  two-eyed minion with combed hair. However, in the mini movie Orientation Day, he is shown to have a buzz-cut hair.
Dave is very smart and sweet minion who is loving, kind, caring and funny. He is good in playing video games like Stuart as seen when they are playing in Despicable Me 2. Dave likes Ice Cream and is shown when Gru calls him and Stuart while they are having an Ice Cream Party, he's still eating Ice Cream before he went to Gru.He is always very excited as seen in Despicable Me when he fired his Rocket Launcher, his signature weapon. He is very funny as seen in many moments to laugh on. He is good at weapons and making cupcakes and other foods.
Dave Minion

Lance is a small one-eyed minion with Buzz-Cut Hair.

Minion Lance

Lance enjoys dancing and singing as shown when he is cleaning the door in Gru's house.

Lance is the minion that was placing some newspapers or magazines on a table in front of where Gru sat. Gru was looking through some pictures of El Macho on his laptop. Halfway through the pictures, his laptop has lost internet connection. He called out for Kevin several times to fix it but there was no response. Annoyed, Gru asks Lance where is Kevin. Lance just shrugs, pretends to fart and walks away not knowing that Kevin was kidnapped, as he is one of the only few minions who has not been kidnapped and turned evil.
When Phil was kidnapped by Dr. Nefario while he was vacuuming the carpeted floor, Lance is the minion with the cloth tied on his head, carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies. He notices that the vacuum cleaner is left on. Curious, he looks outside through the door that was left a jar, but since there was no one there he closed the door. He then opens it again to clean the door knob.

and this is Minion Jerry

Minion Jerry

Jerry is a two-eyed minion with short spiky hair.
Jerry is playful and cheerful.
Despicable Me
He appeared when Gru called for him and Stuart, asking them to watch the girls and keep them away from Gru. Later, he and Stuart together with the girls play with toilet paper and is caught by Gru. Edith blames Jerry that it was his idea to do that.


  1. Is it possible to have the pattern for this minion baby hat and booties? I I would love to make it for my friends!

    1. Hi Paultheviola, so far I just made it by approximation of baby head circumference. you can find free pattern at or and for minion eyes, you can make it from felt or doll fabrics. hope this help. :)

  2. You have the pattern for the booties? They are so cute!!

    1. thank you :) sorry, I made it without pattern. it just regular booties and I put minion eyes on it. :)

    2. Wendy Espinoza, I found a free baby bootie pattern that looks to be like what was used in the minion design, it's from Red Heart, pattern by Michelle Wilcox. I hope this helps.