Friday, October 18, 2013

Drawing on Fabric "Kokeshi Doll"

I've been waiting so long to draw Kokeshi Doll on Fabric. If you dont know what is Kokeshi, please klik here. After last blog about fabric crayon and Sakura Pigma Micron. Finally last night I have some short of time create this while I can't sleep (don't know why...)

I tried draw three kokeshi dolls and some japanese pattern like sakura, butterfly, etc. For lining I used Sakura Pigma Micron number 003. Hm..pretty good.

For Coloring, I used fabric crayon both Crayola & Pentel. I took this photo after ironing and washing. (I'm not happy enough because the colors looks blurred) I should waiting little longer to wash it :P so I repeated coloring & ironing.

After I repeated the coloring & ironing, I split up this fabric into three hexagons for my next patchwork project. and its not bad but not so good, I need more practice ^.^"o

and the last one I try fabric painting used acrylic paint, and tara.. I love the colors but I think It's not washable. Sorry, I tried washed this by hand & shower shoap..and it works! the drawing colors are permanent! I'm so happy! o lala ^ ^ v

Hope you like it, and you should try it! Happy Crafting!