Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Glue Gun Holder (recycle: cardboard)

I have use glue gun many times but It really messed up my craft table when I put that hot glue gun and the glue will melt at my table and sticky everywhere. I used a cardboard to protect my table from melting glue and still it looks messy either the cardboard, the glue gun and also my craft table. Anyway, I have an idea yesterday how if I made glue gun holder that I ever seen at some online store but that one made from wood. So I decided to make it from cardboard of my husband's new PC and I will cover it with cute paper wrap. I add two small holder for two-five glue stick stocks. I love it!

What you need are only cardboard, paper wrap, a small glass jar, glue gun and glue stick. Please follow the tutorials bellow.

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