Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homemade Halloween Ice Cream Mango Flavour

Yohohohoho..yo hoho ho... this voice was from anime character, Brook, a musician of Straw Hat pirates at One Piece, an animation movie I like to watch with my husband when we too lazy of doing anything at night. Brook is a life funny skeleton who like to sing and laugh "yohohohoho" anytime. 
So I got inspiration to make some Halloween Craft after saw Brook. But October was a busy month and I've got many other works to do, so I must keep that Idea for next year maybe. Hmm but my head never stop about it, so I would make something simple and fast while last two days my husband request an homemade ice cream :P I thought about orange color with some simple paper craft! It must be sweet and cute. Yesterday before my husband came home, I make this ice cream just less than 15 minutes. Here is the recipe of Homemade Halloween Ice Cream "mango flavour":

1. 400 gram Sweet mango, cut it into pieces
2. 5 spoon Creamer powder (usually for coffee)
3. 70 gram sweet thick - Full Cream milk
4. 600 gram ice cubes

NOTE: Use the blender for smoothie ice

How to make:

1. Smooth the ice cube until all are blended and soft like snow
2. Put in the mango, creamer powder and full cream milk, and blend it until all soft and well mixed.
3. Put the ice cream into plastic container or some cups (8-12 cups depend on the size), close it and freeze it about +- 2 hours. 
4. While waiting, draw some cute jack o' lantern, bath, skeleton, mummy. Cut and tape it into tooth-stick, then put those cute things in every cups.  The Halloween Ice cream mango flavor is ready! Try it at home, your family will gives you kiss, smiles and thanks as their trick or treat to you :)

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