Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lavender fragrance in my house

I have a few pots of lavender and now they are almost a meter high. 
I really like when I was in the garden and watering the flowers, because once exposed to water and wind.. the fragrant lavender will going out and hm... I love the smell! then I had an idea what if this lavender fragrance wafted in my living room. So I would like to share these ideas with you, if you have a plant flowers such as roses, jasmine, lavender, chrysanthemum and other fragrant flowers, you can try this idea at home.
1st Step:
Make a simple small pouch from Tutu fabric, see the tutorial bellow: (see my lil violet pouch on 2nd step.)

2nd Step: after sew the small simple pouch, cut a few sprigs of lavender that has been high and flowering. 
3rd Step: Cut the flowers and cut leaf only at bottom part of the stem. 
(Do not cut the upper leaves, after the shaft bottom clean, you can stick the stems of lavender into a new pot. lavender can multiply by cuttings)

4th Step: put in all the flowers and leaf into small pouch, and tie the ribbon into your air cooler.

when you turn on the air cooler (it brings water and air), your house will smell good. It might also repel mosquitoes out from your house.


  1. yupzzz,,,i always try with jasmine and rose
    mmmhhh so fresh
    natural freshener :)