Monday, February 20, 2017

Polymer Clay Thimble Collections

Hi, today I'm gonna show you some of my thimble collections from polymer clay. I make it from Mofa polymer clay and I use acrylic paint for the gold accents.

These thimbles size are just same like normal thimble, you can put it in your finger. but this is not gonna used like real thimble, it just for miniature. So I make miniatures of old vintage sewing machine, the smaller one I wrote it as "singer".

One of my craft friend request these thimble and she want its written with "Adida Indonesia" behind it. Adida Indonesia is one of good quilting community, so I decided to make another miniature of quilt, scissors and spool of thread in the top of that thimble. I hope she will like it :) 

I actually made another one, just a small 3D painting thimble using clay. you can check on my instagram here and please be happy to follow my instagram.

I think I want to make more thimbles ^ ^ it kind of addicted. 

Art regards,


  1. What temperature (F if possible)do you cook your MOFA clay at. I can't read Mandarin and can't seem to find it ANYWHERE online!!