Friday, February 6, 2015

Pororo and friends Clay Figures { Cake Topper }

Pororo is one of my favorite character : ) the first finger puppet I made was pororo and friends. There are Pororo, Crong the little dinosaur, Poby the polar bear, Eddy the fox, Loopy the pink beaver, Petty the female pinguin and Harry the hummingbird : ) 
They're one tim friends just like us today ^ ^ 
Pororo & Friends Finger Puppet

Pororo and Friends Finger Puppet

But lately I'm busy with clay and quite rarely touching felt craft. So About last two weeks I made these figures, Pororo and friends for cake topper. Its fun too :)

I used Amos Clay (air dry), the Pororo size is 5 cm height. the most difficult things is making pororo head :P but I'm happy it was done by 2 days with really good mood 

Pororo and Friends Figures < Cake Topper >

thank you for reading my blog :) see you on next craft things


  1. Pengen banget main clay... Tapi di daerahku susah daptnya...:( adanya DAS clay itupun kurang bagus untuk membuat caracter detail.

    1. saat ini clay bisa dibeli secara online :) jadi bukan masalah
      gabung aja di facebook group Komunitas Seni Clay Indonesia :)