Thursday, February 5, 2015

Masha & the Bear Figures

on No.. this is February and I just post today 5th Feb 2015. it should be January :,O I supposed write about my polymer clay experience this early year but its not ready yet, so I post this "Masha & the Bear" cake topper first. 

When my first time watching Masha, I'm very eeuurrggghhhh come in the world there's little girl like this. She's very naughty ><" I really pray my kids wanna be would be better than her :D but as a mommy or daddy, we should see how the Bear so patience and keep loving & care whatever our kids doing such as messing our house <*except our craft room  :P thats mom's privacy : D >

and here they are.. my masha & the bear figures for cake topper

Masha and The Bear Figures / Cake Topper

I will share some process of these figures making

First I drawed Masha with my anime style in order to make her eyes looks behave :'P but I don't think the birthday girl would like it. so I decided to make it only 20% "behave" Masha

Masha Anime by KuroHouseofCraft
so, this one is 20% behave Masha, the eyes looks quite real isn't it ? and I sculpted her cheek and lips with good smile so she will look more behave. : D *but one of my friend told me it still naughty. 

Masha Face & hair
I put some blush on her cheeks with pink one, and brown gold eyes shadow to her hair to make shiny effect 
for eyes and lips I used acrylic paint. 

Eyeshadow  & blush on for clay
Masha (Masha and the bear)
and here she is.. :) she's look pretty

How about the bear? this is first look before I made his cheek, hand and legs. I also do one by one cuts to all parts for hairy effects.

The Bear (Masha and the bear) making process

The Bear (masha and the bear) Figures

I'm so happy making those figures. :) hope you enjoying read my blog..  cu on my next posting with another amazing craft things,


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