Monday, March 25, 2013

Kuro and Me Clay

This clay actually was made last two months when I first time trying Light paper clay. So I decided to make my own miniature and the kawai cat "kuro" from my craft store name "kurohouseofcraft". 
For my miniature (3 inch), I thought I'm a simple woman and I just cut my hair at that moment. and I love pink and blue colors for my clothes. ^ ^ 
About Kuro miniature, Kuro is simple cat, it as big head, bright big eyes, couple of three mustache, small cat mouth, thin small body and long tail just like the logo I made. anyway do you know why I named my craft store "Kuro.."?  hm.. it just kind of short story, actually it was from my two of lovable peoples in my life. 
1st is My grandma (rip), She has black cat when I was kid, her cat was full black, thin and she was so cute. My grandma named her "Bety si Hitam Manis" (read: Bety the Sweet Black), in japan black is kuro. (I don't know exactly why I'm into all the japan stuffs maybe since my grandpa (rip) is Japanese, although He was gone right before I was born, my grandma always told me the story of my grandpa). Now they're all gone also "kuro" Bety the sweet black cat, but I keep all sweet memories with them.
2nd is my husband :) somehow I met him and marry to him after 4 years (most long distance) relationship. someday I knew his friend called him "kuro" a black cat from "Cyborg Kuro-chan" because He likes anime so much. XD 
So from these sweet history I named my store kurohouseofcraft. A store name that when I make things I will do it with love from my heart. I'll learn every day to be perfect :)

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