Monday, March 25, 2013

Clay Passion - Clay Review

Clay is one of handy craft stuff that I've ever want to try. There are many clay products and I really confuse which one is good. After looking and looking over by searching and asking some help from clay craft-ers then I find my three favorite clay, its air dry clay!

1. Resix Clay

This RESIX is a combination between Resin and Starch clay
Resin clay is different from Polymer clay (Sculpey, Premo, etc)
From our test it is more flexible than other resin clay (and more expensive) But you can make very thin flower bud and leaves (it's more realistic) without afraid of breaking because of their high elasticity and flexibility
Self life : 1 year (put in the refrigerator after opening the package.
and one I like, this clay is water resistance :) one of the result is the flower clay for my handmade accessories here: Flower Clay

2. Light weight Paper Clay

This paper clay is super soft and light weight, and you can use any of acrylic/ poster colors. I've made some models use this clay and I love the result.I have not post the clay I made but soon I will.

3. Amos Iclay
For this clay I just buy yesterday, so I haven't try it. After I touch it, I think It will be more better than light paper clay. anyway I knew this type of Clay from Ms. Petra, here is her blog I make friend with her on facebook :) She has amazing hand. 

and for the glue, I choose Fox -white glue, you can find in any stationery store. :)
ok. this is my short clay review :) Happy Clay-ing! 


  1. Lovely blog you have here mb Ika...looking forward to read more updates in the future. I am your newest follower.


    1. Thank you mbak Asri, please add my facebook ^ ^ shop kuroshoppu or join clay community KSCI (Komunitas Seni Clay Indonesia) on facebook.