Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Souvenir Felt Paperclip

These are souvenir I that I design, its cute and unique. rather than you buy souvenir .. usually key chain with cheap price, peoples are no more interest. so these are paperclip with cute felt images. I pick up the pictures and make it as felt souvenir as 2D model.  you can see the sample of couple bear below. so if you have special request, just send me your favorite picture to my email at kuroshoppu@gmail.com I will confirm whether I can make it or not and I will inform you the special price.

Model: Couple - Wedding bear/etc (choose the pictures below)
Price: Rp. 2,500/ couple

Model: Single - Cupcake/ Wedding cake/ etc (choose the picture below)
Price: Rp. 1,500/pc
For Pictures options:

I have some others couple images, If you want it please ask me to send you email.

How to order?

Choose some image of the pictures above, minimum buying is 100 pc for one image. so If you want to buy 300  pcs, you can choose three variety of that images.

email me the pictures that you choose, then send me sms on +62 82110492041

Price exclude shipping charges:
Couple: Rp. 2500/couple***
Single: Rp. 1500/pc***

***Price above are applied only for paper clip. if any modification or other function additional charge will applied as follows:

1.Keychain, add Rp. 150/pc

2. Hair Klip, add Rp. 300/pc

3. Magnet, add Rp. 150/pc
4. HP chain, add Rp. 100/pc

Delivery time is 1 month exclude shipping time. For wedding souvenir, would be good if you can order 3 months before the day.
Item made by order after full payment by BCA transfer (I will inform you my bank account)

I will use JNE regular shipping rate, if any other request like YES or OKE or by lokal post mail please advise me before payment confirmation.

Thank you

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