Monday, December 19, 2011

History of my Hobbies

Thank you for my husband who made this blog for me, so now I can share my story and my hobby. I will first introduce who I am, hehe I am just an ordinary wife, I lived in the house now because a year ago I resigned from my place of work. There is little sense of regret from my previous job because at that time I was at the peak of my career as an Engineer, some companies would hired me with very high salary (oh no,believe me readers.. I'm not trying to be arrogant .. thats because I have really work hard within 6 years after my college graduation). But.. I think a lot of things higher and more fun than the career for a wife like me. I can now take care of my husband pretty well and he's very happy, I knew from the smile he had on me: P I also take care of the house, continuing my hobbies because at the time I could not do, and even more so now I have plenty of time to serve the Lord. all these things because God loves me so much.

ok, because this blog is made to share all about my hobbies, I will tell you briefly about the history of my hobbies. started when I was little before I entered kindergarten, my father always taught me to draw and paint, so I had a talent base given by my father. then when my elementary school, when I met my father, he often invited me to cook a variety of foods, I still remember he brought a bag of fish with different types to be cooked, meatballs, beef jerky, how to make crackers, skewers, oh so much. I remember, he always uses natural ingredients. I also remember my mother and grandmother loved to made cakes and puddings, my grandmother also taught me to crocheting, although when I was not able to do that haha..I only made a single crochet for a long chain. : P and another one, I love to see how my grandma like to plant herbs at pots. hm ... one day, my parents divorced and I was raised by my father's younger sister, I was calling her "mama" since I was little and I loved her very much. Mama is a teacher and principal, she often told me that since the fourth grade she was able to sew, so there were two sewing machine at our house, the old model and another model is the modern one. at that time I also could not sew at all since the fabric would always broken by my hand. hehehe ..
at the time, I was a kid and I must help Mama take care of my two brothers, mama also taught me how to cook for homemade daily food. I am also grateful to my grandmother from my father, she always visit us and also take care of us with a vengeance. My grandma had a homemade-cake factory when I was little, she made a wide range of traditional cakes. I learned to cook traditional meals from her, I think nothing beats the original taste of traditional Indonesian cuisine that she made till today. Many things were taught by her, she always think creatively to use anything for house tools. So creative talent in my blood now very much contributed by my grandma. while the education and skill I have today as the result of My Mama labors. Mama gave me a lot of educations, the values ​​of life, how to organize and lead, solve problems and foremost Mama made me as a person who loves the Lord. Hm.. sometimes there may be sad thing happens, but behind all of that..I thank God, His Grace always flow in my life.

Today I have many hobbies, drawing, painting, making things from clay, cooking, making cakes, crochet, knitting, planting lots of plants in my yard, sewing, felting, recycle stuff around me, and most importantly is caring my husband and my family until whenever. Hm.. My Husband always supporting me to do what I love. And for sure, I will teach my children all the hobbies I have and teach my children to be a useful man for the Lord.

and I hope this Blog would be a nice inspirations for you! ^ ^

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