Friday, May 18, 2018

Dummy food ice creamery cubes

Hi, for long time I haven't post anything. Sorry...

This time I make food replica of ice creamery cubes of, you can check in their instagram. 

Its quite difficult to make this ice cream cubes, because I must shape the polymer clay as creamery cube. If you are an polymer clay artist you must understand that it is not easy work and it can't use mold. However it is a challenge for me. :D

Dummy food of ice cream cubes #cubecreameryid @ kurohouseofcraft

The unique things about this ice cream is, everyone who buy can put the sprinkles as they want as the topping. I must make chocolate sprinkles and the other one is beef bacon & potato chips sprinkle. hmm..I'd never eat ice cream with beef & potato, but it so delicious. 

Dummy food of ice cream cubes #cubecreameryid @ kurohouseofcraft

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