Friday, January 6, 2017

Kawaii Food Miniature @ KuroHouseofCraft

Hi, Happy New Year 2017 everyone.

I don't really have much resolutions this year 2017. I just hope everything goes well. About last 2016 my allergic became worst, maybe I have pushed my self too hard. last time there are some rush order. That's why I want this 2017 be more flexible and I think I need traveling some times. 

So this week as first week in 2017, I made some miniatures that been requested last year, I mean really one year ago by my friend. She has BJD doll hobby and so really patience waiting me make this miniature for her doll props.

Ok lets see here :) there are snoopy theme and bear rilakkuma theme. I love this collections.

Snoopy Kawaii Food Miniature @ KuroHouseofCraft

Cheesecake bear and bunny @ KuroHouseofCraft

Bear Mini Food @ KuroHouseofCraft

Bear, Bunny and Totoro pie miniature  +Kuro House of Craft 

see the size by comparing with my hand

some miniature pins of snoopy and charlie brown.

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