Friday, March 20, 2015

My Own Present Wedding Anniversary: UP Carl & Ellie clay on frame

I have been waiting this too long, to make my own present wedding anniversary. Actually it should on January 31 but I just made it this week (March 2015)..hihi forgive me my husband, your wife too busy. :P

 UP Carl & Ellie clay on frame

I picked UP theme for this present, because for me the best true love I ever seen on animation movie is Carl & Ellie from UP. They were knew each other since they're kids and when Ellie looks crazy and naughty kid. Not like beautiful princess with all those beautiful dress and covered up with cosmetics (it doesn't mean i do not like princess) but they express love for what it is .

Due to my 5th wedding anniversary, we still don't have any kids in our house. Of course we really want just like others family, we still hoping, we do so much effort, and we still pray. Dear all couples in the world, that waiting so long to have kids, please don't give up your happiness. Here we're one of you. But we're not waiting to be happy because of pregnancy. We're happy because God has really good plan for us. To meet each other, to love each other, to share, to believe, to always support and life with God together. That is the real things that bring us true happiness. That's what I seen from Carl and Ellie. 

<please don't cry :D we're talking about happiness>

 UP Carl & Ellie clay on frame

So I will share some process of making this present. First, I painted the grass with acrylic paint, and then I use air dry clay (amos) for all those figures and little things like flowers, camera, and basket bread. The most dificult part is making Carl and Ellie Eyes :D but I love it. 

and.. the end step is I put my husband and my finger print with paint just like they did on post box. what a romantic me :P and I think we will always smile when seeing this clay frame @ our wall :)

Happy anniversary for us :) 


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