Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Initial D clay figures

About 2-3 months ago I made this Initial D clay figures. I was really don't know about these characters before, but lucky me :) my husband was like reading comic books, he knew and told me short about Initial D. hm..its about boy things.. car racing.. so If you want to know more, just click here wiki Initial D because I will more tell about my clay figures than initial D itself :P

The main character is Takumi Fujiwara and her dad Bunta Fujiwara. 
I used thaiclay to make these figures because I want "plastic" end result , but to sculpt the details using thaiclay is not easy as I imagined, because thaiclay will dry faster than amos clay. so I used some body lotion to soften the thaiclay and working faster.

The height is approximately 8 to 9 cm :)

I made Takumi Fujiwara wearing Navy blue jacket, white t shirt and dark grey jeans. In the comic books, sometime he looks thin but sometime his cheek looks I like chubby than just like me :P
and Bunta Fujiwara, he is the owner of Fujiwara tofu shop so he should wearing his tofu apron. do you know the most difficult things? I must write those Japanese letter on his apron just like in comic book. can you imagined the letter size? :P

Initial D Clay Figures - Takumi Fujiwara and Bunta Fujiwara

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