Friday, April 11, 2014

Drawing on Covered Button (Hairpin)

Last time I made tutorial how to make covered button with manual machine. There are many sizes of them and we can make many things from covered buttons. 
These are some covered button that I make from small pieces fabrics, buttons number 36 and I draw it with fabric pen & felt tip marker (Giotto) and its fun. 
Giotton Decor textile Photo taken from
hehe.. and I put a French-language sentence on this photo, but of course I can not speak French. I just think that the French language is unique and interesting. ^ ^
ta thaaaa... these beautiful covered button made by me, made in Indonesia! and if you want to order with customize themes just contact me via email/facebook. Thank you.
Covered Button Hairpin - Vehicle

Covered Button Hairpin - Wedding Party
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