Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clay for Wedding Anniversary

When I make this clay..I remember a song, "We praise Thee, Lord, for Thy great plan." God sure has great plan to us. So don't ever waste our life, because He is so good to you and me ^.^.

I love making this clay, because it specially made for couple that love each others for ever.. it is for their 10th Anniversary (hm..I really want make my own :D but there's no me time" :P )

we know, people nowadays so easily in love and divorce, its because they not put His love in their life. Human love are limited but God loves endures forever so if we want to save our marriage, either husband and wife must prior God love in their love life. I heard someone said that marriage is like clothes size, S M L and XL, Marriage need S for Sex, M for Money, L for Love, and XL is the biggest parts..Extra Love that only come from God. 

^ ^ 

Clay Wedding Anniversary of Tere & Husband - 14 cm - Amos I clay
Thank you for like this clay Sist. Tere, really nice to know you. ^ ^ warm regards to your family ^ ^ God bless you

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