Monday, August 26, 2013

Craft Swap IIHC

IIHC (Ibu-Ibu Hobi Crafts) is one of crafts group that I followed. How lucky me, Mommykawai Nurul as the main initiator of this group has been chosen me as "admin". This group is full of womans with incredible creativity, many tutorials, crafts activities, etc. 
One of the Projects is called "Craft Swap", where everybody has swap partner and send each other their handmade craft refer to the theme that has been pronounced by group admin. Hm..insteresting is it?

The first crafts swap on May - July 2013 is pot holder project:

Pot Holder with tea pot set application

Pot Holder

and this month is 2nd Craft Swap is "Coin Purse":

Fat Kitty Coin Purse

Ice cream Coin Purse 
I wish I can follow next craft swap, because other than all crafts stuffs, I find new friends too. :) 

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