Friday, February 8, 2013

Tatting Lace

Last year I saw a Japanese craft magazine about tatting lace, I thought it was crochet because it looks similar. But I'd tried and tried and I totally wrong XD. So after looking at google what is tatting lace, I get it now. Tatting has many variations of tools than crochet and knitting (I think) but when you understand the method actually you just need a big needle or simple crochet hook and your fingers, however it will be more easier and fast if you have the right tools.

This is a good reference about variations of Tatting needles, klik Needle tatting. And you can ask wikipedia the definition and any tools needed for Tatting

Since I don't have the Tatting shuttles, I only use my fingers and a needles. This one is my first Tatting craft :) I think I will make another and the others just like knitting and never end ^.^

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