Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sesame Balls Dimsum "Onde Onde"

For a long time I want to make this Dimsum Sesame Balls. I'm in love with this snack @ Chinese Restaurant.  They usually served after we eat dumplings (dimsum). I dont know where this snack came from whether from China or Indonesia, because I also knew it as "Onde-onde", we're Indonesian people can find this snack at Indonesian traditional market. But I think "Chinese Sesame Balls" are more soft than "Onde-onde". 
So I preferred to make Chinesse sesame Balls then.

ok, This is the recipe and of course... the secret tips how to make it soft when we eat it!

Paste Recipes:
250 gram Red Bean
(you can use greenpeal), I use fresh red bean so it will take 10 minutes to be cooked
4 spoons of Sugar
500 ml water

Poach the red bean with 500 ml water within 10 minutes, drain the water into a cup. Let the red beans temperature go down 5 minutes. Smash it and mix it with sugar until all mixed and the textural are soft, I used blender. if not soft yet, you can add 1/4 cup water into your blender. After that cook the red bean in non-stick pan until the water evaporated and it become jam. cold it within 30 minutes while you can prepare the skin.

Skin Recipe:
(A) 250 Gram Glutinous rice Flour (it's not rice flour)
(B) 2 spoons of 1 spoon Sago (Palm) Flour plus 100 ml water
a cup of Hot Water (100 deg C)
Half teaspoon of salt
a cup of Cold water (20 deg C)
100 gram sesame seeds (put it on the plate)

mix flour A, B and salt, then enter the hot water slowly, stirring rate until you feel that flour dough can be formed. prepare dry glutinous rice flour in your hands to form a skin.
Take a handful of dough, tap-tap, round shapes and flatten, then give the content of the red bean paste about 1 teaspoon, and then formed into a ball. dip it in cold water briefly and then enter into a plate of sesame seeds and make sure the sesame seeds have stuck to the entire surface of the ball.

how to fry?

Use non-stick frying pan, prepare the oil (minimum of approximately up to 3/4 submerged parts of sesame balls)
heat oil about 2-3 minutes (medium temperature, not too cold or too hot)
input sesame balls and round it slowly and evenly. keep heat of the friying pan until the sesame balls a little grown up (but dont let it crack) and become golden. 8 pcs of the sesame balls is ready ^ ^
If you do it right, then when you eat the sesame balls that will be really soft in every bite and not too sticky. lets try it!

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