Monday, April 6, 2015

Clay My Granny and Me

This clay I made to keep my memory of my grandma.

My Grandma and Me Clay Figure
For me she is the most strongest woman in the world. She teach me to love my cats (one of them is kuro ~ the black), to love gardening, planting any flowers and herbs, doing all DIY stuff at house <she also can fix leaky roofs>, teach me how to cook <I mean really cooking like chef>. When I was in grade school, I helped grind spices and she will not let me stop until the spices becomes perfectly smooth. Thanks to her, today I never forget the original taste of that delicious food.

She often talked about her childhood before I sleep. She told about periods in which the daughter of a landlord can not freely study and travel. In contrast to her sister who is more feminine and follow all the rules, but my grandmother was a child that can not simply be silent, she quietly went for a walk, make friends with the other village children, saw giant butterflies at the forest, catching fish in river, cutting and grinding sugar cane at the train door so that the cane was out sweet and refreshing water.

Also the stories in the days of the war, in which she must occasionally displaced from one place to another, to live in fear and far from comfort. Also experience become volunteers with her sister who provide food in the forests where the soldiers fought. While walking down carrying rice for the soldiers of the war, the occasional bullet almost on their head. And many other experiences that I can not tell you one by one.

Therefore I knew my grandmother was a strong woman, smart, cool and forever be my inspiration. Even grandma is gone and sat down at the right hand of God today. Memory and all that grandma gave will always be in my life until we meet again someday.

Dear parents in the world, God has gave you kids while i'm waiting too. I learned a lot from my grandma. as parents, we should take care of our kids, give them enough time to hear our experience and story, give them real example of our attitude and our love.

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