Monday, April 13, 2015

Clay in Frame "KuroHouseofCraft Cafe" use Sakura Clay

Clay in Frame KuroHouseofCraft Cafe

Lately I made some craft things for my own, and this one of my creation "KuroHouseofCraft Cafe". I tried Sakura clay not only for food but for clay figure too. For this one, I made Chef with orange hair and the themes is pink.

Its fun making this frame, I decoupaged the inside frame with that pink-square paper. I used black card and made it like black board. Also I wrote the menu by Sakura embossing pen (soufle) and add some stickers for ornaments. 

You too can try made your own frame with your kids either make cafe, kitchen, room, or whatever you like. it really Fun! Happy Crafting :)


You can find my review about Sakura Clay here

and How to make macaroon here

and How to multiplied our clay macaroon without mold here

I wrote those tutorial in Bahasa for my Indonesian friends, but hopefully the pictures already explain it or you can use google translate.

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