Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Glue Gun Holder (recycle: cardboard)

I have use glue gun many times but It really messed up my craft table when I put that hot glue gun and the glue will melt at my table and sticky everywhere. I used a cardboard to protect my table from melting glue and still it looks messy either the cardboard, the glue gun and also my craft table. Anyway, I have an idea yesterday how if I made glue gun holder that I ever seen at some online store but that one made from wood. So I decided to make it from cardboard of my husband's new PC and I will cover it with cute paper wrap. I add two small holder for two-five glue stick stocks. I love it!

What you need are only cardboard, paper wrap, a small glass jar, glue gun and glue stick. Please follow the tutorials bellow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

One Piece - Thousand Sunny Go

This Morning I would make One piece miniature from felt & clay, all the Straw hat pirates characters and their new pirates ship Thousand Sunny Go. when I looking the reference searching from Google  wow! I found amazing things on there's so much reference about Thousand Sunny. hm.. my head now can't stop thinking about how to make its step by step. once its done, I will show you all. ^^v

here some amazing things I found!

Thousand sunny made from crystals!! sukhoiiii ><

and the real thousand sunny go, I can't believe peoples made it!

and.. the song complete with english lyrics.
Lyrics:  (A = Luffy, Nami, Robin, Chopper.  B = Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Franky, Brook.)
All: One! Ten! Hundred! THOUSAND!
Luffy: Tears of farewell, the happiness of meeting,
Like a baton, it’ll unite us from now on,
The journey continues with new nakama
Zoro: The things you’re able to do, are the things I’m proud of,
Like in a banquet, if we come together,
We would break a new world record every day
A: Fly. The ship flies.
Franky: (Unheard-of wonder unmatched, being successful everywhere sounds nice!)
B: Catching the wind
All: Going to the blue sky monopoly with you!
All: One! Ten! Hundred! Thousand Sunny-Go, fly high!
B: The gallant ship’s
A: Inherited
All: Soul
Brand-new ship, now let’s get it on!
Nami: Sailing through the storms
Luffy: Crossing a thousand seas
B: Until the end of our unfulfilled dream
All: Fly! Fly high, Thousand Sunny-Go!
Sanji: The greatness of everything, it seems like it’s in our hands
Usopp: Like a balloon, we’ll expand our dream
Franky: Carry us powerfully, on the behalf of everyone
Nami: If you laugh cheerfully, tomorrow will be sunny
Robin: Pinches always turn into chances
Chopper: Beginning with a fighting spirit is always the best!
A: Coming. Something is coming.
Sanji: (A fantastic ship comes, that charm sounds cool!)
B: The unmatched sea we’ve never seen
All: I’ll start rowing with you
All: One! Ten! Hundred! Thousand Sunny-Go, fly high!
B: The thrilling ship’s
A: Future
All: Heartbeat
Brand-new ship, now let’s get it on!
Chopper: A dream granted every day
Luffy: Even parties everyday
B: Until reaching the end of world
All: Go! Fly high, Thousand Sunny-Go!
All: One! Ten! Hundred! THOUSAND!!
All: One! Ten! Hundred! Thousand Sunny-Go, fly high!
B: The gallant ship’s
A: Inherited
All: Soul
Brand-new ship, now let’s get it on!
Robin: Sailing through the storms
Luffy: Crossing a thousand seas
B: Until the end of our unfulfilled dream
All: Fly!
(*) Brook: Fly~!
All: Fly high, Thousand Sunny-Go!
Thousand Sunny-Go!
Fly high!

and the details of the ship. but I would not make it details or my head will going crazy. haha..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SURPRIZE QUIZ by KuroHouseofCraft! its FREE!

Siapa mau Sweet Craft Parcel for Holiday?? Yuk Ikutan Surprize Quiz. Jawabannya comment di foto yang ada di facebookpage KuroHouseofCraft.. jgn lupa lihat syarat & ketentuannya berikut ini. Its 100% FREE!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bananastraw(berry) milkshake

This is one of my favorite beverage, I called this Bananastraw milkshake (even I didn't shake it). its healthy and easy to make. 
Recipe for 4 cups:
- 200 gram ice cubes

- 10-15 pieces of fresh strawberry
- 2 pieces of banana, cut it into pieces
- 200 ml fresh milk
- 1,5 spoon sugar or 1 spoon sweet condense milk (susu kental manis)
- 1 spoon creamer

note: use blender for smoothie if you want really soft result.

How to make?
Blend the ice cubes until soft like snow, put in the strawberries, banana, fresh milk, sugar/condense milk and creamer. Blend it until all well mixed and soft. pour it into some cups and enjoy it! Hm.. its delicious.

Tips: you can try this beverage recipe if your kids are not a fan of strawberry (sour fruits)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lavender fragrance in my house

I have a few pots of lavender and now they are almost a meter high. 
I really like when I was in the garden and watering the flowers, because once exposed to water and wind.. the fragrant lavender will going out and hm... I love the smell! then I had an idea what if this lavender fragrance wafted in my living room. So I would like to share these ideas with you, if you have a plant flowers such as roses, jasmine, lavender, chrysanthemum and other fragrant flowers, you can try this idea at home.
1st Step:
Make a simple small pouch from Tutu fabric, see the tutorial bellow: (see my lil violet pouch on 2nd step.)

2nd Step: after sew the small simple pouch, cut a few sprigs of lavender that has been high and flowering. 
3rd Step: Cut the flowers and cut leaf only at bottom part of the stem. 
(Do not cut the upper leaves, after the shaft bottom clean, you can stick the stems of lavender into a new pot. lavender can multiply by cuttings)

4th Step: put in all the flowers and leaf into small pouch, and tie the ribbon into your air cooler.

when you turn on the air cooler (it brings water and air), your house will smell good. It might also repel mosquitoes out from your house.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homemade Halloween Ice Cream Mango Flavour

Yohohohoho..yo hoho ho... this voice was from anime character, Brook, a musician of Straw Hat pirates at One Piece, an animation movie I like to watch with my husband when we too lazy of doing anything at night. Brook is a life funny skeleton who like to sing and laugh "yohohohoho" anytime. 
So I got inspiration to make some Halloween Craft after saw Brook. But October was a busy month and I've got many other works to do, so I must keep that Idea for next year maybe. Hmm but my head never stop about it, so I would make something simple and fast while last two days my husband request an homemade ice cream :P I thought about orange color with some simple paper craft! It must be sweet and cute. Yesterday before my husband came home, I make this ice cream just less than 15 minutes. Here is the recipe of Homemade Halloween Ice Cream "mango flavour":

1. 400 gram Sweet mango, cut it into pieces
2. 5 spoon Creamer powder (usually for coffee)
3. 70 gram sweet thick - Full Cream milk
4. 600 gram ice cubes

NOTE: Use the blender for smoothie ice

How to make:

1. Smooth the ice cube until all are blended and soft like snow
2. Put in the mango, creamer powder and full cream milk, and blend it until all soft and well mixed.
3. Put the ice cream into plastic container or some cups (8-12 cups depend on the size), close it and freeze it about +- 2 hours. 
4. While waiting, draw some cute jack o' lantern, bath, skeleton, mummy. Cut and tape it into tooth-stick, then put those cute things in every cups.  The Halloween Ice cream mango flavor is ready! Try it at home, your family will gives you kiss, smiles and thanks as their trick or treat to you :)

Mpek-mpek kulit ala KuroHouseofCraft

Setelah anda mengolah daging ikan menjadi bakso ikan/mpek-mpek dalam resep ini Kulit Ikan dan telur ikan sayang sekali jika dibuang, karena di dalamnya banyak mengandung gizi terutama omega 3. Tetapi kadang mungkin anda malas mengolahnya karena penampakannya yang hitam dan agak liat. Karena itu, Saya akan memberi Resep Mpek-mpek kulit ala KuroHouseofCraft dan tips tentunya.

Potong-potong kulit ikan sebelum digiling (blender), ingat mata pisau blender yang digunakan harus yang digunakan untuk bumbu/daging.

- Kulit Ikan & Telur ikan (dari ikan tengiri ukuran 1 Kg), potong-potong kecil
- 1 sdt Merica
- 1 sdt Garam
- 1 sdm onion powder (jika tidak ada, gunakan 2 siung bawang putih halus)
- 1 sdm minyak wijen
- 150 gram tepung sagu
- 1 sdm larutan tepung terigu (sisa dari larutan tepung terigu di resep mpek-mpek/ Bakso Ikan di atas)
- 2 sdm minyak sayur
- air secukupnya

Cara memasak:
- Didihkan air dalam panci (1/2 panci)
- Haluskan kulit ikan dan telur ikan yang sudah dipotong-potong dalam blender, tambahkan air 1-1,5 gelas jika belum halus. Hasilnya mungkin 90% halus dan 10% masih belum tergiling (tidak masalah)
- Masukan ikan yang sudah dihaluskan ke dalam wadah, tambahkan merica, garam, bawang, minyak wijen, dan aduk dengan menambahkan tepung sagu sedikit demi sedikit. Hasil kekentalan adonan akan sedikit lebih lembek daripada adonan bakso. Karena itu tidak perlu dibentuk, gunakan saja 1 sendok agak besar untuk mengambil adonan dan 1 sendok untuk melepaskan adonan dari sendok pertama ke dalam air mendidih (mengambil adonan dan memasukannya langsung ke air mendidih), lanjutkan sampai adonan habis.
- Tunggu sekitar 10 menit, jika mpek-mpek kulit sudah mengapung, maka sudah matang dan tiriskan, lalu taburi dengan 1-2 sdm minyak sayur supaya tidak lengket.

- Jika mau digoreng, goreng dalam minyak setengah panas, tunggu sampai kekuningan satu sisi, dan balik di sisi lainnya, 3 menit, angkat dan tiriskan.

Mpek-mpek kulit siap dihidangkan :) hm...yummy!

cara penyimpanannya sama dengan Bakso Ikan. Selamat mencoba