Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dummy Food Indonesia Peking Duck by KuroHouseofCraft

This is end of November 2018 and soon we will start new year 2019, time flies so fast and what I do still finishing some dummy foods project. 

This is one of the latest arts I finished this end 2018. Replica of roasted peking duck from Sapo Oriental restaurant. Is it look crunchy outside and delicious? Making it..really need so much mood, because its size is about 40 centimeters with details of head and skin. Also it must suit with the hanger. I completely did it without any mold and its is full sculpting. Huff what a big complicated project but still I'm very happy when it done well.  

Dummy Food Indonesia Roasted Peking Duck by KuroHouseofCraft

I am my self, I like peking duck. It sooo delicious, imagine the crispy of the skin, tasteful meat, thin skin of the roll and the sauce.. yummy.  :D

ok. I'm hungry now, see you guys..

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