Friday, November 9, 2012

Bananastraw(berry) milkshake

This is one of my favorite beverage, I called this Bananastraw milkshake (even I didn't shake it). its healthy and easy to make. 
Recipe for 4 cups:
- 200 gram ice cubes

- 10-15 pieces of fresh strawberry
- 2 pieces of banana, cut it into pieces
- 200 ml fresh milk
- 1,5 spoon sugar or 1 spoon sweet condense milk (susu kental manis)
- 1 spoon creamer

note: use blender for smoothie if you want really soft result.

How to make?
Blend the ice cubes until soft like snow, put in the strawberries, banana, fresh milk, sugar/condense milk and creamer. Blend it until all well mixed and soft. pour it into some cups and enjoy it! Hm.. its delicious.

Tips: you can try this beverage recipe if your kids are not a fan of strawberry (sour fruits)

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