Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clay Couple wearing Popeye and Olive Costume

Lately I received many custom order for clay couple, mostly for their wedding cake topper, wedding anniversary or their husband/wife birthday (I really want make my own) :D but till today still doesn't have time for my self. 

ok. last week I just finished another clay for couple, because the husband is a sailor, and after I looked up their photo hmm I remind of Popeye & Olive. The man has quite big muscle and the wife look slim ^ ^  So I looking popeye and olive picture above boat on this link

Anyway I don't like smoking so I would not give the "popeye" the cigar on his mouth :D also because this clay figurine will also displayed in their family house. I think that cigar is not good example for kids. How about the wife? she wearing kerudung, so I change that olive style with white kerudung and one red flower. and this is it..

They're not Popeye & Olive, They're couple who wearing Popeye & Olive costume  ...staring each other under the moonlight

Clay Couple wearing Popeye and Olive Costume

Clay Couple wearing Popeye and Olive Costume

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