Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He answer a little girl prayers by my handmade headband

Someday about last three weeks in the morning around 9 am, I still busy with my paper works, on 10 am I must visited my new friend with my older sister at the church, my new friend has a little daughter. Somehow God told me to made a blue headband at that moment, so I stop typing and made a blue headband within 30 minutes, I carried that headband on my bag and went to my new friend house. in front of her house, I met her and her 4 years old daughter. so I gave the headband to her, she said "Thank you..Thank you" with smile face, She tried it and looked on the mirror and she said again "Thank you"..oh this little girl is very cute!. Her mom suddenly told me "oh my God, How can it be? yesterday was her birthday and she prayed asked a blue headband to God. she asked me many times to buy for her but I haven't buy it yet" He answer a little girl prayers by my handmade headband! 
At that morning, actually my feeling was little bit down, but God never let me lost my faith to Him even a little. I believe in Him very much. :)

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